About Bloody Time

                              ABOUT BLOODY TIME

Greetings world! I am finally getting round to posting my first blog. This despite having set-up a blog page months ago. I hold a masters degree in procrastination, but today I am inspired to share with you something wonderful.

I was introduced to a natural perfume known as Shaman. This fragrance is so much more than a pleasant smell. Made from rare and ancient oils, it is a tool for healing and awakening our higher senses.

Before I tell you of my experience, let me first put things into perspective. I have always been a major depressive with strong socio-pathic tendencies and low self-esteem. Voted Most Miserable Bastard six years in a row!

Now that you have context, let me explain. Moments after the perfumer, Antionette Goosen, applied the oil to my wrists I began to feel it’s work. A warm creeping sensation ran up my arms. It moved into my chess / heart chakra area. I felt my body’s frequency elevate immediately.

On the drive home I was alert and invigorated, yet very calm. I stopped to enoy a coffee at a nosiy cafe yet was not bothered too much by the din. ( I usually freak out within seconds) I even engaged pleasantly with the staff.

My body felt alive and strong. It seemed as if I had a sensual glow to me, like someone should fuck me now! 

But the above punt is pointless unless YOU get to have the pleasure of Shaman yourself. Stop reading and direct your browser to http://www.moodsense.co.za/shaman-parfum/ 

The glory of this gift from the Earth is worth so much more than the pricetag.

(oh, and anyone wanting to fuck me should reconsider. In case this wears of too soon)

Until the next bout of inspiration affects me, be good to yourself. Cheers!